Protect your Clients Directors & Officers 

Anticipated bankruptcy, potential layoffs, increased data incursions…Directors & Officers, Employment Practices, Fiduciary and Cyber coverages are more important than ever!

Uncertainty in the market and a global pandemic has driven many insurers to not only dramatically increase pricing, but also decrease underwriting capacity and coverage forms for Management Liability. Let Boston Insurance Brokerage provide you and your clients coverage solutions for a better price! 

A Glance at Coverage Options (including but not limited to)… 


Director & Officers:

  • $5M limits

  • $10k minimum retention

  • $1M additional A Side included

Employment Practices Liability:

  • $2M ($5M pre/post COVID)

  • $10k minimum retention

  • $250K Wage & Hour included


Fiduciary Liability:

  • $1M limits

  • $0 minimum retention


Errors & Omissions and Cyber: 

  • $5M limits

  • $2.5k minimum retention

  • $1M Social engineering included

  • $1M Telecommunications fraud included

Coverage Highlights: 

  • True Worldwide Territory (Not just for suits brought in the US)

  • Automatic coverage for all acquisitions (No threshold limitations)

  • Discount for VC funded companies

  • Choice of council

  • “Insured” includes independent contractors

  • 100% Defense allocation to covered loss

  • NO antitrust exclusion

  • Professional Services derivative/failure to supervise carve-back

  • Co-defendant coverage for VC Sponsor

  • Side A/B carve-back for breach of contract and IP

  • Wage & Hour Defense Costs - $250K All states

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