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January Cyber Offer

Happy New Year to You!

2023 was a year of cyber frenzy with data breaches and ransomeware attacks, leading to the following list of top cyber stories talked about in 2023 (click HERE to see the list of the top Insurance Journal Cyber stories for 2023).   

Let’s start 2024 off right with helping your clients to keep hackers away by obtaining comprehensive cyber coverage at the right price. BIB partners with all major cyber carriers and can provide up to 11 instant quotes for you to share with your client. Offering up to 20% commission on policies bound through our RSA platform. Contact me at your convenience for more information on same day binds or to discuss how I can support you.

Partner with BIB in 2024 and start selling more Cyber.  A lot more!


  1. Contact me to request access to BIB’s online RSA platform.

  2. Click the link that I send you to access the RSA platform.  

  3. Enter only five client details. Receive a customized booklet with multiple cyber quotes, resources, and sales tools in minutes.

  4. Send us the bind request.

  5. Done! It’s THAT easy!


For more information, please visit our Cyber Liability Division.

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