Boston Insurance Brokerage LLC is proud to reveal our new logo and look!

Boston, MA - For the past 19 years, the Swan has been the mark to not only connect BIB to Boston, but also a symbol of how BIB wanted to conduct business, always working for creative options to build long term partnerships. The Swan has represented BIB with devotion and elegance since 2001, but BIB has grown and evolved.


Since opening our doors, BIB has expanded from a small regional wholesale insurance brokerage focused on Property & Casualty to a national brokerage with offices in Boston, Denver, New York, Pittsburgh, Pensacola and Richmond. Our solutions-based approach has also grown to include specialties in Executive Professional, Healthcare Professional, High Value Personal Lines, Programs, Property & Casualty, Environmental and Workers’ Compensation. An update was needed to better reflect the past, present & future of BIB.


The future of BIB is the Binding Quill. “I am really excited about our new mark. The image of a quill completing a bind is a perfect representation not only of our industry’s origins, but our company’s present and how we look to the future,” said Keith Driscoll, Boston Insurance Brokerage CEO. “The quill is a throwback image of Lloyd’s of London and the original ‘underwriters’ who would have used a swan quill on parchment to write covers. It represents our current ‘manuscript’ solution driven nature and sets our course in a direction that we not only want to broker business, but we also want to have the ‘pen’ for programs. We are looking to ‘write’ our future.”


Boston Insurance Brokerage is a wholesale brokerage that offers commercial insurance products. Its product portfolio includes property, casualty, environmental, umbrella, executive and professional, workers comp and risk management products and services. The firm has markets and expertise in healthcare liability, construction, manufacturing, habitational, professional liability, aviation product liability and financial services coverage.