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Environmental Liability Insurance

​Commercial General Liability insurance may not sufficiently cover pollution risks, leaving contractors, site mangers / operators, and commercial property owners with gaps in their coverage. Environmental Liability Insurance can fill these gaps and protect the insured from the unforeseen environmental exposures that potentially damage property or injure persons. Risks include:

  • Water or soil contamination

  • Pollutant spills

  • Fuel storage tank leaks

  • Operational water and air emissions

  • Real estate transfers

​The specialized brokers in our Environmental Division understand that every risk has an environmental exposure, and every environmental exposure is unique. Through our partnerships, we can explain coverage concerns and tailor environmental risk solutions for all industries and companies to address the variety of needs of contractors, consultants and facility owners and operators.

There are several types of Environmental Liability Insurance:

  • Environmental Site Liability Insurance – Protects companies from potential liability associated with owning or operating facilities or sites

  • Project Pollution Liability Insurance – Covers a wide range of pollution risks associated with construction projects.

  • Contractor Pollution Liability – Helps contractors with coverage due to pollution-related exclusions on standard commercial general liability programs.

  • Transportation Pollution Liability – Protects companies that haul products or cargo, from single vehicle operations to large fleets.

  • Products Pollution Liability – For companies that manufacture and distribute products that are used in commercial industries, industrial operations, and even products that enter into public consumption.

  • Real Estate Transfers – Products to protect a buyer or seller from lawsuits as a result of property transfers.


Any of the above products can be combined with a Commercial General Liability policy, a Professional Liability Policy, and Umbrella/Excess insurance to provide the insured with the most comprehensive coverage possible.

Our team has experience in this growing area of risk. Benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

Call us today.

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