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Active Assailant Coverage from Boston Insurance Brokerage, LLC (BIB)

An unfortunate reality in today’s world is the rise in incidents involving individuals looking to bring harm to people in public spaces such as offices, retail shops, schools, churches or other gatherings.

Boston Insurance Brokerage, LLC can provide your clients access to an insurance policy for active assailant events that can include not only an attack, but also a threat of attack and stalking threat. The policy offers incident response and crisis management services, covers legal liabilities, damage to property and any interruption to your business in addition to providing victim compensation and support.

Whatever the motive, the coverage is built to assist in the risk mitigation of physical, financial, and reputational damage to the insured.

Active Assailant policy coverages include and available:


  • Crisis Response

  • Legal Liability

  • Business Interruption and loss of attraction

  • Bodily Injury and Death Benefit

  • Material Damage

  • Threat Assessments

  • Public Relation Costs

  • Increased Security Costs

  • Expenses arising from the Attack (Crisis Expenses) such as: Medical/ Psychiatric, Childcare Costs

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