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BIB Recent Success Stories - April 2022

Executive & Professional Liability:

Account:    NY Telemedicine Website Co
Coverage:  D&O, EPL, Tech E&O, Cyber
Premium:   $11,268

Account:    TX eCommerce Company
Coverage:  D&O, EPL, Fiduciary, Tech E&O, Cyber
Premium:   $18,561

Account:    MO Data Analytical Software Company
Coverage:  D&O-EPL-Fiduciary-Tech E&O-Cyber
Premium:   $24,377


Account:    CA Software Developer

Coverage:  D&O, EPL, Fiduciary, Tech E&O, Cyber

Premium:   $11,250

Account:    NY Insurance Software Company
Coverage:  D&O, EPL, Fiduciary, Tech E&O, Cyber
Premium:   $20,244

Account:    IL Non Profit Foundation
Coverage:  D&O, EPL
Premium:   $1,900

Workers' Compensation:

Account:    UT Roofer
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $16,000

Account:    MA Insulation Contractor
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $45,000

Account:    UT Roofer
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $16,000

Account:    VT Retail – Aviation Components
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $9,000

General P&C and Environmental:

Account:    GA Tract Housing Framer
Coverage:  GL, Excess $1M
Premium:   $5,026

Account:    IN Fast Food/Chinese Restaurant
Coverage:  Package
Premium:   $1,692

Account:    OK Tank Washing Facility
Coverage:  Site Pollution $1M/$2M
Premium:   $9,345

Account:    IN Fast Food/Burmese Restaurant
Coverage:  Package, GL, Property
Premium:   $1,827

Account:    NH Manufacturer of Felt and Non-Woven Products
Coverage:  Commercial Property - $10M mixed construction TIV (Admitted carrier)
Premium:   $84,000

Account:    MA/NY Sheet Metal Fabrication and Design/Installation
Coverage:  $5M CPL/E&O (non-admitted) and $5M x $5M Excess Liability (admitted paper)
Premium:   $59,000

Account:    MA Manufacturer, Distributor, & Installation of pre-cast concrete products
Coverage:  $5M x $5M Excess Liability
Premium:   $25,000

Account:    MA Commercial Contractor for Metal Buildings (Garages, Warehouses, Offices).
Coverage:  CGL
Premium:   $36,000

Account:    MA Skilled Nursing Facility
Coverage:  Commercial Property (non-admitted) - $10M TIV – 1900 Frame
Premium:   $32,000

Allied Health/Nonprofit & Human Services:

Account:    OH Group Home – Boy’s
Coverage:  PLGL
Premium:   $8,650

Account:    MD Home Health Start up
Coverage:  PLGL
Premium:   $2,554

Account:    VA Senior Housing
Coverage:  PL
Premium:   $9,300

Account:    ID Elderly Assisted Living
Coverage:  PLGL
Premium:   $18,150

Account:    MN Church & Camp
Coverage:  Package/Auto/WC/Umb
Premium:   $70,600

Account:    SC YMCA Non-Profit
Coverage:  Package/Auto/Umb
Premium:   $67,700

Account:    VA Home Health/Medical Staffing
Coverage:  PLGL
Premium:   $10,150

Account:    Washington DC Assisted Living Facility
Coverage:  PLGL, Umb
Premium:   $58,600

Account:    IL Assisted and Independent Living Facility
Coverage:  PLGL, Employment Practices Liability
Premium:   $163,932

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