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BIB Recent Success Stories - August 2022

Executive & Professional Liability:

Account:    CA Genetic Testing Co
Coverage:  Public D&O
Premium:   $3,200,000

Account:    MA Drug Manufacturer
Coverage:  Cyber
Premium:   $2,750

Account:    CA Cyber Security Co
Coverage:  E&O, Cyber
Premium:   $480,750

Workers' Compensation:

Account:    MA Daycare Center
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $17,000

Account:    MA Finish Carpenter
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $3,000

Account:    MA Mason
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $7,000

Account:    MA Catering Services
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $2,000

Account:    MA Carpenter
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $3,000

Account:    TX Ranch
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $10,000

General P&C and Environmental:

Account:    OH Gentleman’s Club/Adult Entertainment Venue
Coverage:  1/2/2 GL & $300k/$300k Liquor Liability
Premium:   $33,500

Account:    MA Waste Hauler with Recycling/Sorting Facility
Coverage:  GL/CPL/SPL, $10M Excess Liability, and Property, IM
Premium:   $211,000

Account:    MA Commercial Seafood Processing
Coverage:  DIC FL/EQ, Excess Property, and Marine Dock/Pier
Premium:   $118,000

Account:    MA 43 Unit Residential Condominium & Apartment ($12M JM TIV)  
Coverage:  GL, Property
Premium:   $24,000

Account:    MA Residential Roofing Contractor
Coverage:  GL
Premium:   $11,000

Account:    CO Builders Risk
Coverage:  Inland Marine
Premium:   $1,047

Account:    AL Church
Coverage:  Package (GL, D&O, Property, HNOA)
Premium:   $6,401

Allied Health/Nonprofit & Human Services:

Account:    NY Private School
Coverage:  Package, Umb, Auto, WC
Premium:   $243,400

Account:    CT Sober Living Group Home
Coverage:  Package, Umb
Premium:   $61,500

Account:    OH Youth Group Home
Coverage:  Umb
Premium:   $1,925

Account:    TX Church
Coverage:  Wind/Hail Buydown
Premium:   $3,135

Account:    CA DD – Adult Day Care
Coverage:  Package, Auto
Premium:   $96,800

Account:    OK Church
Coverage:  Package, WC
Premium:   $25,000

Account:    NY 60 Unit Independent Senior Living Facility
Coverage:  Excess and PLGL
Premium:   Primary Premium $30,000, Excess Premium $25,000

Account:    CT Start-Up Staffing Operation for LTC Facilities
Coverage:  PLGL
Premium:   $15,000

Account:    CO Skilled Care Home Health Agency
Coverage:  PLGL, H/NO Auto, Separate Tower for Abuse
Premium:   $26,000

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