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Cyber Liability

Did you know it is estimated that 2023 will face around 33 billion account breaches in total with a hacker attack occurring every 39 seconds on average?

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month.  It is a perfect time to check in with your customers and find out if they are prepared for any type of cyber breach.  If the answer is no to any of the questions below, they are probably not prepared:

  • Do they have a cyber incident response plan in place?

  • Do they know what to look for as far as phishing or social engineering scams?

  • Do they have multifactor authentication (MFA) or system back-ups in place?


Boston Insurance Brokerage (BIB) can help you to protect your customers’ businesses with cyber quoting capabilities that yield up to 10 instant quotes with just:

  • Company Name

  • Physical Address

  • Website Address (if applicable)

  • Annual Revenue


With most cyber policies premiums anywhere from $750 to $2500, insured can be cyber-breach ready by the end of the day without breaking the bank.


If you as the agent are new to selling cyber or need, BIB can provide:

  • Cyber Overview for Agents - A guide to give you basic working knowledge of cyber policy coverage.

  • Cyber Overview for SMB Customers - A Quick Reference Guide to help understand risks associated with cyber and why BOP coverage won’t protect them.


Would you like the ability to quote cyber on your own?  We can provide you access to our quoting platform and you can run quotes yourself!


This is the perfect time to sell cyber.

For more information, please visit our Cyber Liability Division.

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