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Cyber Resilience in 2024

A cyber-resilient organization is one that can adapt quickly to threats and/or challenges posed by cyber criminals. BIB can help your clients to become cyber resilient with comprehensive admitted and non-admitted cyber policies that provide critical protection for affordable premiums. 

Policy Limits:

  • Up to $5M (Quotes provided instantly)

  • Up to $25M (Quotes provided within 24-48 hours)

Coverage Areas:

First Party Coverages:

  • Notification Costs

  • Breach Costs Inside/Outside Limits

  • Business Interruption

  • BI Waiting Period

  • Contingent Business Interruption

  • Data Recovery

  • Extortion/Ransomeware

  • Bricking

Third Party Coverages:

  • Network Security and Privacy Liability

  • PCI

  • Regulatory

  • Media

  • Computer Fraud

  • Funds Transfer Fraud

  • Social Engineering

For more information, please visit our Cyber Liability Division.

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