BIB Recent Success Stories - February 2022

Workers' Compensation:

Account:    MA HVAC
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $18,000

Account:    CT Crane/Bucket Truck Repair
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $6,500

Account:    MA Interior Carpentry Contractor
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $8,000

Account:    GA Drywall Contractor
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $27,000

Account:    Home Health/Fiscal Agent Service
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $2,600,000

Account:    Boat Machine & Engine Repair
Coverage:  WC - USL&H (State & Federal Act), MEL
Premium:   $110,000

General P&C and Environmental:

Account:    NH Manufacturer of Gunlocks & Gun Racks used by Law Enforcement Industry
Coverage:  CGL/Products Liability & $9M Excess Liability
Premium:   $53,000

Account:    MA 106 Unit Residential Condominium Association (48 Frame Buildings w/ Pool & Community Center)
Coverage:  GL/Property/HNOA Package - Admitted Paper
Premium:   $45,000

Account:    NY Manufacturer of Adult Novelty Toys, Lubrication, Condoms, etc.
Coverage:  GL/Products & $3M Excess (Occurrence Form)
Premium:   $39,000

Account:    MA LRO with Cannabis Manufacturing & Retail Dispensary Occupancy
Coverage:  CGL & Commercial Property
Premium:   $22,000

Account:    RI HVAC Contractor
Coverage:  CPL including TPL, NODS, etc.
Premium:   $7,000

Account:    NH Insulation Contractor with EIFS operations
Coverage:  GL & $2M Excess Liability
Premium:   $18,000

Account:    IN Fast Food/Take-Out Chinese Restaurant
Coverage:  Package (Property & GL, $1M/$1M Limits)
Premium:   $1,259

Account:    MA Vacant Land and Building (Farmhouse and Barn)
Coverage:  Package (Property & General Liability $1M/$1M Limits)
Premium:   $3,437

Allied Health/Nonprofit & Human Services:

Account:    GA Assisted Living
Coverage:  Package/Auto
Premium:   $36,300

Account:    GA Assisted Living
Coverage:  Package/Auto
Premium:   $45,100

Account:    GA Assisted Living
Coverage:  Package/Auto
Premium:   $39,700

Account:    ID Assisted Living– MI/DD
Coverage:  PLGL
Premium:   $21,900

Account:    MA Ambulance
Coverage:  PLGL
Premium:   $10,000

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