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BIB Recent Success Stories - July 2022

Executive & Professional Liability:

Account:    MA Weight Loss Program Co
Coverage:  Professional - $5M
Premium:   $47,000

Account:    MA Weight Loss Program Co
Coverage:  Cyber - $5m
Premium:   $60,000

Account:    MA Weight Loss Program Co

Coverage:  D&O, EPL - $5m

Premium:   $43,250

Workers' Compensation:

Account:    MA Waste Hauler
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $50,000

Account:    MI Tent Rental
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $15,000

Account:    CA Property Management
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $3,000

Account:    MA Landscaper
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $3,000

Account:    MA Painter
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $2,000

Account:    MA HVAC
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $40,000

Account:    MA Concrete Contractor
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $414,000

General P&C and Environmental:

Account:    FL Water Testing Contractor for DOT Well Water
Coverage:  Environmental Package (GL/CPL/TPL/NODS & Professional)
Premium:   $2,500

Account:    PA, NJ, DE & MD Petroleum Storage Tank Contractor
Coverage:  Environmental Package & $5M Umbrella
Premium:   $88,815

Account:    OH Electroplating and Powder Coating Manufacturer
Coverage:  GL/Products (Occurrence Form) including Stop Gap coverage
Premium:   $10,398

Account:    MA Gas Station, Pollution for Underground Tanks
Coverage:  GL Limits $1M/$1M
Premium:   $5,386

Account:    MA Heating Oil, Propane, & Natural Gas Dealer including install and maintenance   

Coverage:  5x5 Excess Liability
Premium:   $195,000

Account:    RI Street & Road Contractor
Coverage:  5x5 Excess Liability
Premium:   $36,000

Account:    MI Residential Roofing Contractor with framing, siding, windows, & gutter operations
Coverage:  CGL
Premium:   $15,000

Account:    MA Manufacturer/Distributor of Adult Toys
Coverage:  GL/Products, Property, & $4M Excess Liability
Premium:   $49,500

Account:    MA Mexican Restaurant (30% liquor)
Coverage:  Admitted GL/LL/HNOA/Property Package & $5M Excess Liability
Premium:   $20,500

Account:    MA Trucking/Hauling of Paving Construction Equipment
Coverage:  Motor Truck Cargo - $1M limit
Premium:   $11,000

Allied Health/Nonprofit & Human Services:

Account:    OK Church
Coverage:  Package and WC premium
Premium:   $23,000

Account:    CA Multi State ILF Facilities
Coverage:  Excess
Premium:   $70,000

Account:    MD Nursing Home
Coverage:  PLGL and Excess
Premium:   $266,000

Account:    MS Religious School
Coverage:  Package, Umbrella
Premium:   $103,000

Account:    CT Sober Living Facilities
Coverage:  Package, Umbrella
Premium:   $61,000

Account:    SC Senior Living Facility
Coverage:  Medical Billings E&O
Premium:   $5,000

Account:    VA Home Health Care
Coverage:  Excess
Premium:   $145,000

Account:    MN Assisted Living
Coverage:  PLGL
Premium:   $4,000

Account:    CA Multi-Location ICF/DD Facilities
Coverage:  PLGL Premium
Premium:   $20,000

Account:    CO Home Health Agency
Coverage:  PLGL and HNOA Premium, Separate tower for Abuse limits of $500k.
Premium:   $26,070

Account:    AL Church
Coverage:  Package (GL, Property, Sexual Misconduct, D&O)
Premium:   $779

Account:    FL Special Event – Memorial Service
Coverage:  GL, Limits $1M/$1M
Premium:   $250

Account:    AR Special Event – 2 Day Art Festival
Coverage:  GL Limits $1M/$1M Liquor Liability $3M/$3M
Premium:   $1,200

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