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BIB Recent Success Stories - March 2023

Allied Health/Nonprofit & Human Services:

Account:    TX Church
Coverage:  Package, Auto, Umbrella
Premium:   $62,600

Account:    AZ Assisted Living
Coverage:  PLGL
Premium:   $19,700

Account:    MA ALF 25 beds
Coverage:  PLGL
Premium:   $13,294

General P&C and Environmental:

Account:    CT Subsidized Elderly Housing – Large JM Values
Coverage:  Commercial Property
Premium:   $47,000

Account:    MA LRO JM Office Complex, Cannabis Dispensary Tenant
Coverage:  GL, Property Package, Excess
Premium:   $13,500

Account:    MA Large Indoor Climbing/Fitness Facility
Coverage:  GL
Premium:   $40,000

Account:    NJ For Hire Trucking Operation Hauling Lubricants & Oils
Coverage:  $4M Excess Liability over AL, GL, & EL
Premium:   $27,500

Account:    MA Large Mill Building LRO – Several sewing/textile tenants
Coverage:  Commercial Property, GL
Premium:   $55,000

Account:    MA BBQ Restaurant with liquor sales (Seasonal/Island Location)
Coverage:  Commercial Property, GL, Liquor, & $7M Excess
Premium:   $38,000

Workers' Compensation:

Account:    DC Senior Living Facility
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $22,000

Account:    MA Restaurant
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $3,500

Account:    NY Finance Firm
Coverage:  DB/PFL
Premium:   $1,000

Account:    GA Solar Installation
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $26,000

Account:    CT Solar Installation
Coverage:  WC
Premium:   $67,000

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