Are you Sure your Clients Medical Billing is Correct?

The record-breaking $2.2 trillion U.S. government budget (Cares Act) to battle COVID-19 includes $100 billion for public health services. Unsurprisingly, the huge cash injection has created a risk of pandemic-related medical billings fraud. In turn, has made work for the enforcers of the False Claims Act (FCA), which imposes liabilities on federal contractors who defraud government programs. The potential for fraud is real, especially in a time of widespread income shortfalls. How do you protect your clients…Regulatory Medical Billings E&O!


Regulatory Medical Billings coverage is a unique insurance product that provides coverage for Errors and Omissions arising from incorrect billing and associated regulatory exposure, with comprehensive network security coverage to protect against HIPAA data protection legislation.


  • Violation of civil, federal or state anti-kick back laws

  • Violation of HIPAA and EMTALA legislation

  • Qui Tam plaintiff coverage

  • Coverage for both governmental and commercial pay or audits and actions

  • Coverage for 3rd party claims arising out of a Wrongful Act in the performance of or failure to perform Medical Billing and Coding Services

  • Coverage for costs and expenses for an independent audit to be undertaken into the billing practices following notification of an actual or alleged wrongful act

This coverage is suitable for Long-Term Care facilities, non-profits and either a healthcare practice or individual practitioner and can be adapted to specific needs and requirements. Coverage is provided on a modular basis, with independent insuring agreements, so a policyholder can tailor their coverage according to requirements.



  • Worldwide coverage

  • Worldwide Jurisdiction

  • All sub limits are available up to the full policy limit

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