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Tenant Discrimination

The Fair Housing Act of 1968 protects people from discrimination and harassment when renting or buying an apartment. Discrimination covers a vast array of issues for a tenant:


  • Familial status

  • Criminal background or disability

  • Perceive a rule or regulation imposed by a landlord as discrimination.

  • Require a service dog, although a property may have a no-dog policy. Therefore, they could allege that the property owner did not provide reasonable accommodation for a disability.


As a result of the risks that both property owners and managers face while conducting their business, tenant discrimination is becoming a very important coverage. A growing number of claims are made that may not have any basis in truth, and tenants are then forced to either defend themselves or settle.


For a property owner, this is affordable coverage to buy to protect against these claims, especially as they may not purchase other extensive insurance policies due to cost. For larger property managers, there could be a gap in other policies they purchase, and tenant discrimination claims would be denied.

Our carriers can consider property owners and managers of the following risks:

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Retail

Coverage Highlights:

  • Available in all 50 states

  • Minimum premium $1,650

  • Minimum retention $5,000

  • Limits from $250,000 up to $5,000,000

  • Primary and excess capabilities

  • No retro date

  • 100% allocation defense costs provision

  • Worldwide coverage

For more information, please visit our Property & Casualty Division.

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