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Workers' Comp for Trucking

Let Boston Insurance Brokerage help you on your next Workers' Comp submission for Trucking.

Coverage Advantages:

  • No mileage limitations

  • Available in all states

  • Fast turnaround times

  • New Business start-ups are eligible for some classes

Available Classes include:

  • Long Haul Truckers

  • Freight Haulers

  • Container Haulers

  • Fuel Haulers

  • Limousine Services

  • Tour/School Bus Companies

  • Tanker Operations

  • Trash & Recycling operations

  • Package/Mail Delivery

Submission Requirements:

  • Completed WC Acord Application

  • 5 years of currently valued loss runs

  • Experience Mod Worksheet

  • Supplemental Application

For more information, please visit our Workers' Compensation Division:

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